T  i  m  e             t  o 
           S  h  i  f  t             t  h  e             P  a  r  a  d  i  g  m

The Gifts of Autism



The Gifts of Autism (TGOA) is committed to empowering parents and professionals on how to deeply connect with children/adults on the Autism Spectrum through Interactive Workshops; 1:1 coaching sessions; parent/family coaching sessions, Mastery Program, and monthly newsletters.

The Gifts of Autism recognizes these amazing children/adults on the Spectrum as whole and complete, operating on a entirely different learning and processing system. TGOA fully honors and respects "where" the individual on the Spectrum is, and educates families and professionals to "meet them" from an accepting and loving place while  learning new strategies and beliefs, so that the space for transformation can occur. 

The Gifts of Autism is based in Los Angeles, California, and has been serving the Autism community since 2008. Their intention is to expand their services through various platforms throughout the globe. Please contact us for more information or if you're interested in any of our services.

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The Gifts of Autism
Lori Shayew, M.A.

Lori Shayew, M.A. is a Global leader in the field of Psychology with 20+ years of direct experience with children on the Autism Spectrum. She has worked in the educational system (preschool special ed.) as well as been trained in many popular modalities for Autism including ABA, Floortime, RDI., Behavior Modification. and Parent Training as well as others.

As an insightful Intuitive, Lori has always seen the gifts in autism. Her first recollection of the word autism was when she saw a made for TV movie called "Son-Rise, A Miracle of Love" back in the early 80's. This movie relayed the story of a family who had the courage to defy the conventions of the time and follow what their hearts told them about their autistic son, Raun, and how to best reach him… This had a profound effect on her and touched her soul deeply.

As a Visionary, Writer and Agent for Change, Lori is known to step outside of the conventional box, and see Autism in a whole new Light. She enthusiastically shares her learnings and experiences with the world through global movements reflecting unity within diversity.

Lori believes all individuals on the spectrum have a voice and her writings reflect the desire for us to discover new ways to "hear" them. As a result of her 20 year long career, with a high level of commitment and dedication in her study of Autism, she recognizes that people on the spectrum reside in an Unconditional Loving space, and that we need to meet them there to fully connect. She encourages all to embrace the idea that Autism as a conduit to Unconditional Love.

Lori eagerly shares ways to deeply connect to these amazing children and adults through interviews, writings and public speaking. Lori has been heard saying, "It's time we shift the paradigm in autism. It's time we stop buying into the old paradigm that we must "fix" them. Instead, it's time to focus on deeply connecting with them from the Heart... Only this will create everlasting change."

Lori earned an M.A degree in Spiritual Psychology from the world renowned University of Santa Monica. Through her training she has learned how to empower herself and others by utilizing her innate capacity to laser in on any blockage and give insight to the issue. With her acquired coaching skills and techniques, she gently but boldly guides people on how to effectively and lovingly communicate with those on the spectrum as well as all of the people in their lives… including and most importantly, themselves.

Lori is also about to publish her first book, The Gifts of Autism. This timely work, supports and empowers families, professionals and educators to deeply connect with children/adults on the spectrum. In the pages of The Gifts of Autism you will be led on a journey of discovering techniques and skills that teach you how to understand and relate to the profound processing of people on the spectrum.