T  i  m  e             t  o 
           S  h  i  f  t             t  h  e             P  a  r  a  d  i  g  m

The Gifts of Autism



Personal Coaching Hourly Session 

1:1 Skype or Phone Session
Empowerment Coaching Techniques that increase connection. 
Learn how to "Connect Powerfully" with your child. 
Clearly identifying blocks and patterns.
Clients will be given a technique that they can apply immediately. 
(also for educators) 

Empowerment Connection Coaching Program ©  

1:1 Skype or Telephone Session. 
Empowerment Coaching Techniques that increase connection. 
Learn how to Connect Powerfully with your child. 
The package of 8 Sessions (8 Week Program) where we do a 60-90 minute session via phone or Skype.

This program will provide structure and support to guide you to move forward while providing practical techniques
to support you and your family. (or staff/classroom environment) 

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In-Home Family Empowerment Session ($400. USD/ 2/hrs)
(plus travel expenses if outside of Los Angeles)

1:1 in person. Ideally for the whole family (but not necessary) 
Learn how to "Connect Powerfully" with your child and family.
Learn how to empower, guide and nurture your child in all settings.
Practical empowerment techniques will be given to apply immediately. 

3 Class Series 

Change your Energy, Change your Life. How to deeply connect with your child/student and tap into their Highest Potential. 
Online Classroom via Zoom. (easy to access through smart phone, laptops, computers, and/or iPad. 
90-120 minutes per class.  Rich content plus live mini-coaching plus Q&A. 
Private FB Group to connect with Lori and other participants during the class. 

Only $97. for all three classes. (over $600. value) 

Coming Soon...

Empowerment Connection Coaching Mastery Program 
Become certified to coach using the Empowerment Connection Coaching Program ©

Group Mentorship Program (12 Parents and/or Educators) 
Ask for details. Program starts January 2016 

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The Gifts of Autism
Lori Shayew, M.A.