T  i  m  e             t  o 
           S  h  i  f  t             t  h  e             P  a  r  a  d  i  g  m

The Gifts of Autism


"My high functioning 4 year old verbal autistic son, David, have been working with Lori Shayew for over two months.  Prior to working with her, my son was demanding, irrational, controlling, having random tantrums and uncontrollable meltdowns on a daily basis.  His behavior was worsening and sadly, my husband and I, were considering medication or other means just to have a regular life.  Our household was in a state of continual chaos and our family was being destroyed on many levels.  Our son was receiving ABA but it didn’t seem to be making things better.  We were running out of answers and patience.    

At our initial meeting with Lori, she observed many small nuances and behaviors happening not only with my son but also within our whole family dynamic that were contributing to his out of control behavior. Lori’s influence and coaching became visibly transformative to my son and me.   Lori has helped me and my family embrace another perspective about autism instead of demonizing it as a destroyer of our child and family; a perception with possibilities and hope.  

Lori has helped me accept my child for WHO HE IS. This is no small shift, accepting my son has helped me open the door to understanding him without judgment and enabled me to cultivate my compassion towards him and everyone else who is somewhat different or that doesn’t fit into my standard of ‘normal’.  This is a tremendous realization and relief.  A relief because we had become so accustomed to what the medical community and everyone else who has been in contact with my son have told us about autism and his other issues that need to be fixed.  Inspired by Lori’s unwavering belief and clarity I was able to see David as whole and perfect and not a child that needs to be fixed.  For the first time, I was able to see my beautiful son as a boy who just happens to see and experience the world differently.  


Working with Lori, families will benefit by her ability to hold the space of acceptance, neutrality, love and appreciation.  Lori’s innate understanding of human behavior not only applies to children on the spectrum but her skills can be a tremendous benefit among the general population.  

She has helped me learn how to model a new way of behavior towards my son.   Through her example and the shifts that have occurred in my son, I can truly see how my attitudes, beliefs and behaviors have affected my son on many levels.  These seemingly tuned out kids are actually overly tuned in, more so than we can imagine.  They are true and honest reflections of their environment  and the people in it. Quite honestly, had I not experienced this for myself firsthand I’m not sure if I would have believed it was possible.   But it is POSSIBLE and by working with Lori families will discover the possibilities and gifts their child are giving them every day."
-Trish Lonardi, Claremont, California 

 "Lori Shayew has been a treasure to my son Wyatt and I. She has accurate intuition for communication and has guided me in effective techniques with Wyatt. Communication on higher levels through pure love. Words not always necessary. Her positive understanding of Autism added to her amazing spirit is a dynamite combo."

Kelly Green, Los Angeles, California

"Connecting with Lori via Facebook is a real blessing for my family and especially for my 9 year old son with "awesomism." I used to see his autism as a disorder, under the guidance of Lori I discovered a new world where autism is a gift. This is the place for unconditional love, acceptance, love, light and happiness. Now I see autism as awesomism and my life with love, light, happiness, grace and laughter. She is a real inspiration to change my perception."
Warm blessings, Sangeeta from India

"Lori inspires me to see the absolute perfection in the children that I work with. Seeing through these eyes has allowed me to be a more effective educator, who feels good at the end of the day, and looks forward to being with my students. This is such a beautiful shift for me."
Edward Biagiotti, Santa Monica, California

"Lori Shayew is among those on the leading edge of realizing that autism is a new order of consciousness, not a disorder of consciousness."
Noel McInnis, Oregon

"Lori has brought great awareness to the gift within autism. She has pioneered a global community through her gifts of autism FB page that has everyone seeing and talking about what is right about these kids versus what is wrong."
Suzy Miller, Phoenix, Arizona

"Ms. Lori Shayew has created a new portal and environment where all children of the autism spectrum and their families can not only share and transcend limiting beliefs, but also heal and evolve as a collective force in to holistic integration of the gifts autism truly brings to the whole of humanity. Ms. Shayew has challenged, reinvented and created new possibilities to realize that autism is a mirror of humanity signaling that time for changing our ways, our thinking and the way we label things, has finally come. A true perception shifter, Ms. Lori Shayew most definitely will shift a paradigm that until today has been a puzzle for many, and through love, integrity and awareness the Gifts she brings of light into the realm of Autism and those in the spectrum will change your life forever."
Ivonne Delaflor, Cancun, Mexico

"I want to express my deepest gratitude and respect for Lori Shayew. She entered into our lives when the chaos of having two nonverbal boys, ages 4 and 7 at the time, and the challenges that we as parents were facing day to day, which included sleep deprivation, constant worry over their safety, desperately trying to use every method available to communicate with them and forging on with courage in uncharted and stormy territory. She arrived like a breath of fresh air and sunshine to approach with expertise, kindness, acceptance, determination and LOVE. We have been Blessed by her deep understanding of the boys and all the kids whose lives she continues to touch and she is one who leaves the world and your home a more beautiful and changed place by having been there. We are fortunate to continue to have her shine her wisdom and care in our lives. She is a treasure."
Tamara Mark, Los Angeles, California